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八字 Four Pillars of Destiny

生辰八字是指人的年、月、日、时有天干地支组成的八个字;它相当于人的DNA,通过五行运转形成人的命运轨迹, 人出生后呼吸第一口空气,这口空气所在时间的天体运行也就是所属阴阳五行就决定了这个人的命,他走过的每一刻所属的阴阳五行,就是他的“运”,“命”、“运”结合起来就是他的一生。懂的八字预测的人,可以根据这个人每一时间的五行变化,来推测他的命运,这就是“八字预测”。

The four pillars of destiny, also known as “Bazi” is a way to determine one’s fate based on the year, month, date and time of birth. Bazi originated from the Han Dynasty and gradually evolved into a sophisticated system to predict one’s destiny to higher accuracy. Bazi also means 8 characters in Chinese. All dates are assigned one of the ten celestial stems and twelve earth branches, giving rise to 8 characters arising from the 4 pillars. Bazi is analogous to DNA, which forms the basis of one’s destiny. It gives a general overview of fortunes and misfortunes and provide solutions to change one’s destiny.

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